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Vxl7600w 7.6Kwh 51.2V 150Ah Powerwall ESS Lifepo4 Battery
Vxl7600w 7.6Kwh 51.2V 150Ah 6000+ times cycle life Powerwall ESS Lifepo4 Energy Storage Battery Home Power Storage
Battery Type: Advanced lithium iron phosphate battery
Model No: Vxl7600w
Rated voltage: 51.2V
Capacity: 150Ah
Size: 155mmX860mmX485mm
Application: Home ESS,Solar ESS,Solar off grid backup system
Cycle life: 6000+ times at 80% DOD
Product Information
Vxl7600w 7.6Kwh 51.2V 150Ah Powerwall ESS Lifepo4 battery

Vxl7600w Technical Details:
Mode Vxl7600w
Battery Type Lifepo4 battery
Battery Combination 16S1P
Case Numbers 1 pc
Mount type Powerwall
Nominal Characteristic
Nominal Voltage 51.2V
Battery Capacity 150Ah
Nominal Energy Capacity 7.6KWh
Peak Output Current 100A
Round trip Efficiency 96%-99%
Electrical Specifications
Voltage Range 40-58.4V
Max. Charging Current 100A
Max. Discharging Current 100A
Mechanical Specifications
Net Weight 75.0kg
Dimension 155mmX860mmX485mm
Color White
Cooling Nature
Communication Specifications
Communication Port RS485/RS232/CAN
Operation Condition
Operation Temperature -20-65℃
Recommended Temperature 0-65℃
Operation Humidity 60%±25%
Storage Conditions 0~40℃
Certification CE/IEC/UN38.3
Standards EN61000-6-1:2007 EN61000-6-3:2007+A1:2011
Inverter Type Goodwe,Victron Energy,Growatt,Pylontech, Voltronics,Deye,Inhenergy etc
Warranty 3 years
Life design 10+ years
Installation type
Installation type Wall mounted
Cycle life
0.2C  at  room temp 6000+ times( 80% DOD)
0.5C  at room temp 4000+ times( 80% DOD)
1.0C  at room temp 2500+ times( 80% DOD)
7.6Kwh 51.2V 150Ah
Manufacturing Technology:
Declaration:VTC Power produce the Vxl7600w 7.6Kwh 51.2V 150Ah Powerwall ESS Lifepo4 battery cell by ourselves and insist in using brand new and grade A cells only for safety and best battery pack performance.
Warning:Now lots of other competitors use recycled cells.Recycled cells can’t ensure the constancy of the cells and BMS effective management,which will put lots of safety issue and danger in household.
VTC Power Cell production process:
7.6Kwh 51.2V 150Ah
VTC Power Battery Pack Assemble process:
7.6Kwh 51.2V 150Ah
Matching Inverter:
Vxl7600w 7.6Kwh 51.2V 150Ah Powerwall ESS Lifepo4 Battery Matching multiple brand inverter via RS485/CAN communication protocol.Its RS232 communication protocol can support PC data reading of battery SOH,capacity and battery charge&discharge status. 7.6Kwh 51.2V 150Ah
Discharge&Charge Curve:
7.6Kwh 51.2V 150Ah
Project Cases:
6000+ families in Germany,Europe,South Africa,Australia choose the Vxl7600w 7.6Kwh 51.2V 150Ah Powerwall ESS Lifepo4 battery for their home power supply. 7.6Kwh 51.2V 150Ah


7.6Kwh 51.2V 150Ah

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