Energy Storage Construction Is a key node in The Transformation of The Power System
316 2022-09-11
Recently, the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration issued the guiding opinions on improving the regulation capacity of the power system.A series of policy measures have been put forward in terms of power enhancement, scientific optimization of power grid construction, enhancement of power user-side flexibility, and enhancement of power grid dispatch flexibility.

1. Three adjustment elements under traditional thinking

The root cause of the need for adjustment is that there is a mismatch between the supply side and the demand side, and there is uncertainty under the constraints of natural forces, technical levels, market demand and other factors.

2. Technological development is expected to bring new changes to the current structure

According to the above, the traditional power generation, power grid, and users are the main elements of the power system, which constitute the main element architecture of the entire system, which in turn affects and determines its production.The production organization and management mode of operation, and the power grid plays a vital role in it. The development of energy storage technology provides a new way of thinking for the above problems.

Technological breakthroughs are not only breakthroughs in productivity levels, but will also bring about revolutionary changes in system structure and institutional mechanisms:

The development of energy technology has undergone revolutionary changes, and the technical constraints that the power generation side and the power consumption side must be instantaneously consistent will be gradually weakened or even eliminated with the continuous improvement of energy storage technology.Vigorously develop energy storage technology, and form an energy storage system with advanced technology, flexible mechanism and reasonable layout as soon as possible.

A centralized new energy storage power station with a capacity of more than 10,000 kilowatts”.The significance of developing energy storage technology is not only to alleviate the abandonment of wind and solar energy, to save and make full use of resources, but also to enhance the power supply capacity, so that the power supply side can be guaranteed.Barriers are greatly improved. In addition, energy storage overcomes the limitation of instant use of electric energy. From the perspective of building the adjustment capacity of the entire power system, it is equivalent to adding a highly mobile.It can effectively deal with the peak-to-valley changes of the load curve and properly respond to unexpected needs.

3. Incremental power distribution business should be closely coordinated with energy storage construction

The National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration‘s "Implementation Measures for the Division of Distribution Areas for Incremental Distribution Business (Trial)" pointed out that "the division of distribution areas should be consistent with the national energy distribution.
“Encouraging the incremental power distribution business with the main goal of meeting the nearby consumption of renewable energy, supporting renewable energy power supply scope, powerAccording to the “2018 Energy Work Guidance” issued by the National Energy Administration, it is pointed out that “promoting the application of advanced energy storage technology”.

It is a relatively independent power production and consumption system with stability and flexibility.Electricity is a barometer of economic development. Through the development of energy storage technology and the advancement of energy storage system construction, it is expected to effectively improve the traditional power system architecture, reduce or even eliminate.In addition to the distance and barrier between the power supply side and the demand side, the impact of network transmission on the power system regulation ability, system stability and safety constraint level can be reduced.Technological breakthroughs and revolutions improve traditional institutional structures.Grasp the pulse of the times, vigorously promote the construction of the energy storage system with the spirit of innovation and reform and enterprising spirit, and maximize the role of energy storage in improving the regulation ability of the power system and promoting.It plays an active role in reforming the power system, promoting the consumption and utilization of clean energy, driving regional economic development, and assisting in poverty alleviation.

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