New energy car production and sales growth is to catch up with the fuel car
172 2021-09-07

Recently, the ministry of finance, ministry of industry and national tax administration of three ministries jointly issued the supporting policies of new energy vehicles, the energy transport per car, the new energy vehicles will be completely breaks car. Data show that the first four months of this year, China‘s new energy car production grew nearly three times. The personage inside course of study says, whether it‘s new energy vehicles or traditional fuel the growth of the automobile consumption will drive the car after the auto parts market demand.

The three ministries issued: breaks car

Ministry of finance, ministry of industry and national tax administration of three ministries issued "about saving energy use of new energy transport vehicle tax preferential policy notice (hereinafter referred to as" notice ") made it clear that fuel standard 1.6 litres of the following passenger cars burn gasoline, diesel oil, will enjoy preferential treatment in car in half. And include the vehicle tax shall be exempted within the new energy car category, including: pure electric commercial vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles (including increase program), fuel cell of commercial vehicles, and conform to the requirements of pure electric passenger cars and fuel cell passenger car. Since last year, the national various ministries and local governments have issued multiple support policy. It is understood that Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen and other places have mounted policy to support the development of new energy vehicles. At the same time, all kinds of support policies to attract the guangzhou automobile group, Shanghai automotive industry corporation, and many other carmakers are introducing the new energy vehicles, the sixth IN a new energy automotive industry exhibition, guangzhou international roewe (weibo) brand with its two new energy vehicles - roewe 550 plug-in IN plug-in hybrid cars and roewe E50 pure electric cars.

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