Western news application from WeChat for inspiration
277 2021-09-07

Some famous news application of North America are learnt from the experiences of WeChat recently. Kik, Tango, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger began to become more like WeChat.

WeChat function is relatively complete, you can use the WeChat purchase ticket, take a taxi, or reading the news, and this function is a western information application had no.

Now, they are followed by WeChat strategy. Tango last month to add the function of shopping, the user can be viewed on the shopping tag page wal-mart and alibaba global speed sell tong goods. Kik let brands for message interaction with users, users can also play games in the application. Snapchat increased the news column, and Discover in November last year to restore the function of payment.

Facebook stepped in to action. Facebook developers conference in March, introduced a Messenger platform, this platform allows developers to add Messenger function to the other applications, at the same time, Facebook is still in the test for the function of the users and businesses communicate directly. Information web site also reported that Facebook could also add gaming capabilities to Messenger.

Send and receive information developers are building seems to be the next big platform. Message application takes up a lot of time, people just WhatsApp send information article 30 billion every day. If people are already using this kind of application information with friends, why not let them use these applications do they want to do other things? Such as games and shopping.

This shift is quite similar with WeChat, Kik and Tango not afraid to admit that they got inspiration from WeChat.

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